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Brass Copper Pipe Fittings and Components


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hose fittings brass flexible PVC pipes hose barb plastic rubber  hoses nipples line taps split bolts cable connector  couplings tails sockets couplers plugs bushes reducers accessories hoses inserts flexible sanitary plumbing brass Copper Gun metal Bronze hose barbs nipples tails  P.B. fittings nuts bolts screws fasteners pipe nipples copper pipe  fittings barbed compression bronze castings fittings parts accessories components machined parts hex NPT 1/4 " 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 " 11/4 " 11/2 manifolds 2 2/12 3 4 5 6 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 16 20 24 25 32 40 63 75 mm metric din fittings fasteners nuts 934 bolts fittings screws 
bushes plugs sockets nuts hose barbs accessories Brass parts components turned parts flexible hoses  inserts sanitary  plumbing hose  fittings flexible hoses brass nuts,moulding inserts Brass Copper Stainless steel S.S. screws nuts fasteners wood screws hex set screws bolts sqaure nuts moulding inserts knurled inserts electrical accessories components terminals conduit fitting flexible conduit accessories gland inserts sanitary  plumbing hose conduit flexible bolts fittings flexible hoses cable glands conduits copper cable lugs earth rods grounding rods cable gland accessories electrical meter parts hinges hardware
Brass nipples S.S. stainless manufacturer india Aluminium  connectors washers pressings pressed parts bronze gun metal moulding inerts  parts turned components screw machine parts molding casting nuts bolts screws fasteners nickel chrome plated CP fittings braided hoses accessories parts components  products hose barbs elbow cross tee repairers cast parts menders connectors cable gland couplings jointers flare inverted manufacturers indian flare JIC fittings hydraulic pneumatic Brass Copper bronze hun metal fittings hose couplers couplings parts screw machine turned parts components elbows tees crosses nuts nipples seats tails NPT NPTF BSP BSPT G R ISO Metric NPS M threaded pipe manifolds fittings fire hose couplings SS accessories compression garden hose fittings manifolds olives sleeves ferrules extensions couplings connectors adaptors parts fittings screws nuts bols fasteners copper cable lugs conduit exporters fittings copper cable lugs earthing grounding rods clamps  couplers connectors coupling  manufacturer neutral links terminals bars earth blocks split bolts line taps PEPPERS HAWKE CMP type cable glands BW CW E1W A2 CXT gun metal brass bronze gland packs kits anchors pool cover hardware ss stainless steel springs cable glands din metric hawke peppers CMP cable glands brass bronze gun metal castings cast brass casting component part fitting cable gland manufacturer india indian manufacturers molding insert moulding inserts hardware conduit fittings flexible conduits accessories conduit fitting flexible hoses flexible hose fitting stainlee steel welding nipples hose barb connector adaptor cast parts turned metal products screw machine parts weld nipple nickel plated hardware stand offs pillars pillar insert casting moulding f connector electrical earthing accessories copper earth rods grounding clamps EC 14 type tenby milled edge lock rings lock nuts DIN full metric iso nuts hex sqaure bolts and nuts fasteners screw machine parts turned parts tower bolts door hardware fasteners fixings pneumatic hydraulic fitting accessories ferrules clips line taps split bolt connectors washers pressed parts pressings manufacturer supplier gland kits swa cable glands armoured electrical cables components lug terminal copper terminal BW CW A2 E1W A2lco aluminium brass glands set screws ferrules sleeves ends caps plugs bushes nipples end caps blanking discs plumbing pipe conex fitting sanitary bathroom accessories extensions c.p. chrome plated zinc plated galvanized iron G.I. fixurues exporter flexible conduit electrical conduit fitting CATV-MATV parts, porcelain lamp holders, water filter parts, transformer parts, wing nuts, earth tags, submersible parts, brass blood pressure valvebrass parts, brass, brass components, jamnagar, brass automobile parts, brass sanitary parts, brass bicycle parts, tube valves, brass electrical parts, anchor fasteners, cable glands, battery terminals, brass connectors, male bush, brass city, brass agricultural parts, molding inserts, brass nuts-bolts, brass electronic parts, brass builders hardware, brass hinges, tower bolt, brass handles & knobs, hardware, brass fasteners, screws, brass jewellery parts, brass buttons, brass imitation parts, brass machinery makers, turning machines, slotting machines, drilling attachments, die boxes, turning attachments, brass watch parts, brass optical parts, optical hinges, razor makers, brass sheet cutting parts, brass spray pump parts, brass stationary parts, brass stove & petromex parts, brass surgical parts, brass general parts, brass locks, grease nipples, brass meter parts, halogen holders, brass washers, fuse-link parts, machine screw, CATV-MATV parts,